Saturday, January 23, 2010

I received several great sewing books for Christmas this year, and one of them was One Yard Wonders.  This book has some great ideas and I knew I wanted to try the charging station to help me be more organized when it comes to charging my electronics.  This cute caddy gives me a place to put my phone, ipod, and camera each day so they're charged and ready to go.  I used a Nicey Jane print for the outside and Freshcut for the inside - both by Heather Bailey.  I didn't have heavy-weight interfacing, so I used the lighter weight stuff that I had, and this could definitely use a bit more structure, but I think it turned out alright.  My hole for wires came out a bit low for some reason, but it still works just fine.


Angela said...

Hi Gretchen! I just bought the 1 yd wonders book last night and can't wait to dive in : ) Your caddy turned out Heather's fabrics there : )

Jabba said...

This project is on deck for me too - I also just got the book as a gift. Thanks for sharing your project - the fabrics are great! I was also thinking of using a different fabric on the inside.
Why do you think the hole came out at the wrong height?

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