Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas giving

I neglected to take pictures of several gifts that I made this year, so hopefully the receivers will take some pictures of their items in use so that I can post them here.

This quilt was made for my parents-in-law using some beautiful Hoffman batiks.  The colors really turned out beautiful together.  I quilted it using a loopy free-motion design and it really looks nice with the prints.  Clearly I should have taken a close-up to get more of the detail.

I love making a pieced back and this one came together nicely with rectangles left over from cutting these squares.  This blue batik is so beautiful - I was glad to have enough of it to make it the dominant fabric.

I made these coffee cozies for my co-workers using a pattern from The Sometimes Crafter.  They really turned out nice and now several of the husbands are asking for them, too, so I'm searching through my stash for less "feminine" fabric.

I also made a Treasure bag for my  nephew, Harrison.  He loves to collect rocks and fossils while out with his dad, so hopefully he'll get lots of use from it.  The pattern came from Handmade Home and was really fun to create.

I really enjoyed being able to make so many gifts this year and hopefully I'll continue the tradition next year, as well.  I just need to remember to start earlier!



MoxyIdeas said...

this is a great idea!

Alison Marie said...

i really like my coffee cozy!

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